Since the dawn of humanity, tattooing has been ever-present. On every habitable continent, cultures have adorned their bodies with mystical and magical symbolism, healing remedies, rites of passage, or simply personal decoration. The purpose of tattooing has varied through time, and from culture to culture, yet is rooted in ritual and tradition.

As one of Earth’s children tattooing in the modern day, I have a great respect for this ancient artform. I am constantly inspired by indigenous methods of tattooing, as well as, ancient, time- tested symbology.

Because my enthusiasm is rooted in the origins of tattooing, my portfolio reflects designs that are inspired by tribal patterns from many different cultures, geometric and line-based designs, plant life, and a passion for black ink. I think that the striking contrast between skin tone and black ink is one of the true beauties of tattooing. I also have plenty of examples of color- rich tattoos, highlighting what is possible when color is on the mind of the client and the artist.

I began tattooing in 2008 in Washington DC.  Over the years Ive been able to dedicate myself to my craft and have had the opportunity to learn from tattoo artists with over 50 years of collective experience.  Ive recently relocated to Comes A Time Tattoos in Fairfax, VA.  I am always looking forward to exploring tattoo ideas and turning a client’s vision into a wearable piece of art.  If you are interested in talking more about your next tattoo, lease visit my contact page to request an appointment.  

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